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Dec. 21st, 2009

BRB, going to MN!!

Hey look, a streak

LJ just vomited a batch of backlogged notifications into my email. Not cool, LJ. I suppose it's rather poetically appropriate seeing as how I'm posting for the third day in a row, which while not a record is certainly unusual. New friends who thought I was only an occasional poster, sorry for the bait and switch.

Anyway, the storm system was rather slow moving, so December 9th ended up being the date of the first blizzard. Officially the blizzard warning didn't start until midnight, but it was blizzard-y enough yesterday that area schools got out early. The undergrads were making talk about classes possibly being canceled, but my reaction was "don't bet on it."

Then I got up this morning. Snow? Check. Wind? Check. Area schools? Closed. University classes? Canceled. University employees? Expected to make reasonable attempts to come in as scheduled. Well damn. Since my attempt to come in involved the force to be reckoned with that is the bus, I had no trouble. Wasn't even late. "Blizzard?" says the bus. "What blizzard?"

This blizzard, bus:


That's my dearly beloved but much maligned Cirrus under that blanket of seven inches (and counting) of snow. It's a good thing I have enough groceries and cat food to get to the weekend, because shoveling off the car is going to be a weekend job.

Damn you, Iowa winter

It's cold. Really cold. Like, I'm wearing a long shirt, jeans, and a shawl and I'm still freezing cold. What I really need right now are slippers and a Snuggie. Yes, I would actually wear that overpriced abomination of a sleeved fleece blanket if I had one.

It snowed sometime overnight. I got ready for my day in ignorant bliss, but when I pulled back the shades right before I left I think I actually screamed. And swore. So December 7th is the first snow that actually sticks. December 8th might end up being the first blizzard, as we are in a blizzard watch right now and the snow is supposed to hit the fan around midnight. This feels excessive. Too much too soon, weather.

This morning I was awoken from peaceful slumber by the whine of the tornado siren. It wasn't a snownado, though, just a test since it's the first Monday of the month. I lay there for a while, wondering how the hell early they were blowing the sirens when I glanced at my clock and realized I'd overslept by an hour. Someone didn't set my alarm properly last night. I blame the cats. Because I can and they can't defend themselves.

So, the good news is if there is a tornado in the middle of the night I'll probably hear the sirens and not die, but the bad news is...well, being late, I guess. The extra hour of sleep was marvelous, though. Then I got Java House coffee, which I haven't done in ages, and accomplished about half of what I intended to do at work. Now I'm home, freezing instead of working on Christmas presents, and waiting on the midnight blizzard. I think I need tea. Slippers and tea will make me warm enough to sew. Screw the Snuggie.

How many days before Christmas?

It's Sunday, and that means my very short break is almost at an end. I'm not ready for that. I still have a messy apartment and and no groceries, and no motivation to fix either of these things.

What I have found motivation for, suddenly, is knitting. Which is actually kind of hilarious because knitting is an activity that requires very little in the way of motivation--you sit, put on some music/TV/movie, and knit. Once the frustration of following directions on a crumpled up piece of paper wears off it's actually not that bad. I still have to watch what I'm doing pretty carefully, but it doesn't take much effort and that's what I need right now.

Aaaand Riley just fell out of the cat tree. He's currently licking his shoulder and pretending he totally meant to do that, but I caught his look of shock on the way down. You can't fool me, Riley.

Where was I? Right, knitting. I was just doing that until my iPod died of dead battery, so I'm going to get that sucker charging and then take a shower and put away the clean dishes so that I feel like I've done something today, and after that...who knows. Maybe shopping for cat food and craft stuff (the stores are right next to each other), and groceries after that.

Unadulterated loathing

Goddammit, Project Runway! You are dead to me. You hear that? Dead. D-E-D. At least until next week. Maybe on life support then.

And you started out this season so well, what with eliminations making sense even if wins didn't always. It got a little rocky recently, but I could sort of see the logic. Until now. Screw you sideways, show. You get until the finale to make it right, but then I'm pulling the plug on you.

Don't make me have to quit again and skip next season.

What is this feeling?

It's snowing. SNOW. ING. What is this fuckery? I don't think it has snowed this early in...I don't even know. YEARS! Certainly not since I moved here, I don't think in college, or all through high school. October snow (never mind October 10th snow) was that one legendary year there was a blizzard right before Halloween, and I stood out as a witch and my brother blended right in as a ghost.

I don't know what to do about this. Maybe nothing. I wasn't planning on going anywhere today (damn you, Homecoming game), I have food, plenty of things to work on here, and the cats. And the cats have food. This might just have to be a laundry/sewing/piano day. I think I'm okay with that.

These things are sent to try us

Fuckitall. Fixing the Cirrus is going to be expensive. Quite probably more expensive than it's worth, but still less expensive than getting a new car. I may be making a mistake fixing it, but I think that's a less grievous mistake than car shopping on short notice would be. That's what I'm going to tell myself anyway.

With any luck after this the car will last until I'm done with schooling, and then I can upgrade at my leisure, and not in a hurry.

Tomorrow is going to be stressful, but after that I can relax a little bit (at least until I get the auto repair bill). I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight instead of trying to bang my head against a wall anymore. That's all that's keeping me going at this point. I so need the weekend to be here.

You deserve each other, this car and you

The Cirrus has decided to be broken...again. Well, that's not entirely fair. I think it's actually gone an entire year and a half without being broken. Unfortunately for the Cirrus, my liking for it only depends on it's current state, which is currently broken. Or something. It's amazing I noticed at all, considering the volume my radio is usually at, but I suppose the fact that it was reasonably warm and I had the windows open had something to do with it--that and idling in the damn mall parking lot forever stupidfuckingtraffic.

Anyway, it's making a noise that says (or rather screams) "I am sad!" and so it's going in tomorrow for fixing. Or junking, but hopefully fixing as the occasional repair isn't really too much to expect from a thirteen year old car and it's still cheaper than getting a new one. I have to say, though, that coming right on top of the laptop dying was poor form, Cirrus. Now I gotta backburner that until I know what this car thing is going to do.

In happier news, I lost my keys this morning coming off the bus. No, I did say happier, and here's why--I was walking down the sidewalk all zombified on account of it being the morning and a woman tapped me on the arm and handed me my keys which I didn't even know were gone! Thank you, anonymous woman. You are my hero. I wouldn't even have gotten home without you.

Can't every game be away?

Goddammit. Today was the first day of football season and I am already so over it. I've been hearing nothing but drunk people and sirens all night and I'm just about ready to quit grad school and move just to get away from it all.

Really, people. I get the idea of going to a sporting event and having a good time and being excited when your team wins. I do. In fact, on Monday I'm going to see a baseball game--a Triple A minor league, one call away from going to the majors, end the season early because everybody is being pulled up for the MLB playoffs game. None of this college sports bullshit.

Where was I? Right, football. Anyway, my point is I like sports as much as the next person, but I prefer to watch them without the fog of thirty beers. No, really, try it next time. Then you won't spend the rest of the night driving me nuts (and making me fear a trek to the grocery store) and you'll wake up in the morning actually able to function. Novel idea, no?

Keep this in mind for two weeks from now, please. I'd really love to be able to go into work on a post-game Sunday without playing avoid-the-puke. It gets old.

Fun with cats :D

So, you know those bio-degradable packing peanut things? Y'know, the ones that taste like stale popcorn and if you lick them they get sticky and you can build things and then people saw all the fun kids were having for free and decided to make them in funny colors and sell them at outrageous prices? Yeah, them. Anyway, I have invented a new game with them.

It's called lick them and stick them on your cat's back. You will be provided hours (or at least minutes) of amusement while they chirp and spin around in circles and just generally freak out until they either get it off or forget it's there (to be remembered at a later date to start the cycle all over again). Good freaking times. ILU, cats!!